How to setup Borg node?

What is a Borg node? is a P2P cloud gaming service where games run on idling computers all over the world. You can join your computer to the Borg network to offer its idle resources. In return will provide various benefits, including but not limited to:

Getting started

You need to install the node on a gaming-capable Windows PC in order to join the Borg network.


During technical preview app interface might change often and will not match the picture exactly

Borg node Setup page screenshot In order to run Borg node you need to ensure that all requirements are met:

GPU/H.264 encoder

OPTIONAL: GPU appears to be supported - during the technical preview only NVidia GPUs are fully supported. If you have an NVidia GPU, and still see an error, try installing the latest driver.

Non-NVidia GPUs might work, but the user experience and performance will be degraded.


Running a full Borg node requires Windows Sandbox to be installed. Windows Sandbox in turn needs a Windows component called Hyper-V to be installed and virtualization enabled in UEFI/BIOS.

Validate public node status

Once all the requirements are met it might be necessary to restart the Borg node app or your whole PC. Borg app shows in the system tray next to the clock as a red icon: Borg red icon

To exit the app right-click on the icon and select "Exit":

Borg tray icon context menu

After the app is restarted and some time passes you should see the following message:

Public node status: Sandbox: OK

If you are certain all requirements are met, but the Sandbox still does not start, please contact support.

Setting up private access

Borg node enables playing supported games of your own remotely.

TBD... (see "Library" tab in the app)